Sunday, 28 June 2015


Man its been a while hasn't it... We haven't done a Music to our Ears post in forever so why not start with a beat that will get you moving and shaking on the dance floor.

Walk the Moon ~ Shut Up and Dance

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Thursday, 7 May 2015

General Election 2015

We don't normally discuss politics on the blog and we do not care who you vote for.

What we will say is how important it is to use your vote! 
Go to your polling stations which are open from 7am to 10pm and let your voice be heard!
Whats the point in having one if your not going to use it?

Once that's done sit back, relax and remember the good old days of the Swingometer.

Yes they had to paint on extra numbers during the 1970's result show. There was just so much swinging going on...
Tori & Mish 

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Monday, 4 May 2015

Superdrugs Vitamin E Moisture Mask

For the past few months my skin has been drier than normal. Over winter I noticed my usual face creams where not cutting the mustard when it came to combating my dry patches; I needed something more potent. Whilst trying to use up my pre-paid parking I wandered into Superdrug to pick up their Vitamin E Moisture Mask which I had heard lots about. For £2.59 you receive 75ml of mask in a sqeezey bottle, making application cleaner and more effective than applying from a tub.

I use the mask at night after cleansing; I apply a medium - thick layer over my face and just let it sink in. The packaging says to dab a way excess after 10-15 mins with a tissue but I prefer to just massage it into my skin (waist not want not and all that).

When morning comes I notice my skin is brighter and plumper, dry patches although not completely gone are severely diminished, and I feel with more regular use, as the packaging suggests, the mask would get rid of them completely.  I know people use this as a face cream in the morning before applying foundation however I feel my skin is still to slippy once its initially sunk in for it to work, but for those with extremely dry skin this could be the answer to your dry patchy foundation problems.

Vitamin E is the key ingredient here. Growing up my family was never big on skin care but it was drilled into me as a child that you don't need fancy face products just something containing vitamin E, both my parents since their teenage years moisturized their faces with some form of vitamin E cream and you can tell. Their skin is supple and bright with very few deep set wrinkles. Something I wish to emulate.

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I have been suffering from flu this past week and the skin around my nose and lips has become cracked and raw. It was with trepidation that I applied a thin layer to these parts to try and soothe them preparing myself for the inevitable sting. Guess what...Nothing happened bar a slight tickle, I nearly cried with happiness while bowing down to its greatness. This would be a good option for those whose medication dries their skin out.

Superdrugs Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mask does exactly what I want it to do. It leaves my skin looking brighter and more moisturized after one use. One thing that struck me is how good it would be for teenagers starting up a basic skincare routine. It's inexpensive, suitable for sensitive skin and would be an excellent option for boys who maybe don't feel comfortable admitting to using skin care as it can be used at night time. One things for sure I will be purchasing another when I go back to Superdrug.

 Have you tried any new face masks recently? 
Leave a comment below we love hearing from you.

Mish xx

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Monday, 30 March 2015

Nails on Monday: ncLA I Only Fly Private Review

Every so often a nail polish comes into your life that is so perfect for that moment in time it adorns your nails as soon as possible. NnLA's I only Fly Private is that polish. The day it arrived the first sun of spring was shining and and all was good in life. I'd never heard of ncLA before this bottle arrived with March's Glossybox. This is what the brand has to say themselves.

"We're a proudly "5 Free" luxury nail lacquer, meaning we are not only 100% free of DBP, toulene, and formaldehyde, but also of camphor and animal testing. Because we love our furry friends and toxins aren't fashionable."

Could this brand get any more perfect?

I Only Fly Private is described by ncLa as a bold, no apologies Bright Orange. Although the colour is bright I wouldn't say it was in your face unlike my Pop Orange polish which I reviewed here: Link.
The colour is bright with in my opinion a pastel tone to it, a creamy peachy/orange if you would. As Glossybox would suggest it would look lovely with a tan however it suits my pale skin tone perfectly. It stands out, but not in your face; perfect for people who just want a splash of colour.

Looking at the polish itself the glass bottle is a lovely square design which I find the easiest to hold, the handle is smooth but not shiny allowing an easy grip. Once open we find a medium length brush where the bristles fan out towards the end. After 2 coats you are left with a glossy and nearly opaque base. I do feel three thin coats would be best, as I could see some nail base peeping through near my cuticle after two coats.  The polish did take longer to dry than other formulas which I'm putting down to the fact it doesn't contain any quick drying chemicals. As always I apply a top coat just for that extra protection.

Now I managed to smudge my nails once I painted them so after one one day, minimal chipping did appear which disheartened me a little, however after four days my nails still looked acceptable; a quick application of top coat would tidy your nails up nicely if your where in a rush. This appeals to my inner lazyiness.

The nails after 1 coat. My camera battery died before I could take a shot once I painted the second coat but I like to see the initial colour when I'm looking at nail swatches.
To conclude I see I Only Fly Private becoming a staple in my collection, something I can fall back on when I can't decide what to do with my nails. The formula is good, application is easy, the colour is fantastic and the polish lasts on the nails. Now if only I could find a way to fly Private all the time...

Have you heard of ncLA before? 
Discovered any new nail polish brands you think we should hear about?
Leave us a comment below we love hearing from you!

 Mish x

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Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Comic Relief 2015

This Friday 13th sees the return of Comic Reliefs Red Nose Day. Comic Relief is a British Charity which aims to help the most vulnerable here in the U.K and in Africa.
Every 2 years the streets of Britain become filled with red noses and people doing silly things for charity, but if jumping in a bath filled with baked beans is too much for you here is a few simpler ways to show your support.

Buy a Red Nose. 
They cost £1 with at least 60p going to Comic Relief.
I got mine in Sainsbury's and there are 9 different characters to collect, I have Nosebot.
Isn't he a cutie!
They also have some lovely umbrellas and Lulu Guinness designed Jute Bags, and as a certain blog around these parts knows, Jute bags are always the best ;)

Decorate your nails.
At my school on Red Nose day we were allowed to paint our nails red. This year Comic Relief have brought out nail stickers for you to enjoy. They cost £2 with at least £1 going to Comic Relief. In the packet is a set of 2 designs, a sheet of full length nail stickers and on the back miniature Red Noses. Check out our Twitter page on Friday in order to see them in action. 

Now if you really want to go all out here is some other items you can purchase to show your support. 

Rimmel Limited Edition Red Nose Lipstick by Kate Moss - A traditional Red Lipstick to see you from Day to Night: Link

T.K.Maxx are selling T-Shirts designed by some of fashion biggest designers, alongside tea towels, aprons and bags: Link

Most Supermarkets are selling special Comic Relief edition packs of items such as teabags, chocolate and cereal. Just keep an eye out for the Red Nose.

Are you doing anything for Comic Relief, if so let us know. 
And remember wear you Red Nose with pride on Friday as down to your generosity you are helping someone who desperately needs it. 
Thank You.
Mish xx

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Glossybox February 2015 Review

As Valentine's Day is this month Glossybox have given February's box a "LOVE" theme. In this month's box we have 3 full sized products and 2 test size and a mini packet of love hearts where a nice touch. I will review some products in more detail later on in the month, as this post is just a review of the overall box I received.

Yes I ate the Love Hearts before I took the photos. woops

Wilkinson Sword Hydro Silk

I'm not the biggest fan of razors with built in shaving cream bars, they become so messy after a couple of uses and I need to change the cartridge. Saying that in a previous Glossybox I received a Wilkinson Sword Intuition Plus Hydra Razor and loved it, due to the fact I could get more decent applications from it. Razor's not the most exciting thing in the world but always handy to have a few spare. This was a full sized product.

MARSK Mineral Eyeshadow

Sticking with the "ahem" Love theme we have MARSK eyeshadow "Fifty Shades" and what you recieve is a small amount of grey shimmery eyeshadow surprising me as this was classed as being fulled sized. Nevertheless what I enjoy about Glossybox is receiving products from companies I have never heard of and Marsk joins the club. MARSK is based in Sydney and England and aims to create natural and organic products. The product is talc, paraben, fragrance and GM free and they don't test on animals. Win, win. Will be intrigued to see how it wears.

Royal Apothic Tinties

Firstly the box is a little cutey and the liptint container is a throwback to the old Apothecary days to which the brand have based their products on. I received the colour Coral which is bright in the jar but mellows once applied. I have heard of Royal Apothic before and was keen to try their products, first impressions is that the Tinties seem lovely and light creating a nice, even tint across the lips. This was a full sized product.

So Susan - Rose Quartet Lip & Cheek Palette in Warm Rose

I am aiming to use more palettes this year and this lip and cheek cream one ticks the boxes. Another brand I haven't heard of but another gorgeous box.  The actually packaging of the palette is horrible cheap plastic and rather oddly contains no mirror even though there appears to be a space for one. The four colours are a good mixture and appear to apply well to the skin. I think this would really do well on a night out instead of lugging about your lipsticks.

got2be - All Star 10 in 1 styling

This product promises to create (deep breath) shine, fullness, strength, thickness smoothness, suppleness, protection, anti-frizz, anti-humidity and shape to your hair. A big promise, but I am keen to try it as I am a sucker for multiple treatments in one easy to use product. Time will tell if this actually works. I will say this does smell like peaches which frankly makes the item shine in my eyes.

So February's Love themed Glossybox is a hit with me, as all products will definitely get used within the coming weeks, however I did feel the Tinties and So Suan Lip & Cheek cream where too similar. Maybe Love themed nail stickers would have been better instead? February's box was a nice mixture between practicality and a little sweetness in time for Valentine's Day. What more could you ask for?

From L to R:
got2be, Wilkinson Sword,
Royal Apothic Tinties, So Susan Lip & Cheek Palatte, Marsk eyeshadow

Do you subscribe to a beauty box?
 Have you tried Glossybox?
Leave us a comment below we love hearing from you!
Mish xx

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Music to Our Valentine's Day Ears

Happy Valentine's Day, or as we like to call it hear at Jute, Jam and Joy "Tomorrow 1/2 price Chocolate Day". 
Ha, no whatever you are doing we hope you have a lovely day and remember you don't need to be loved up to celebrate! 
For today's special edition on of Music to Our Ears we bring you a classic from Fiction Factory who incidentally originate from just up the road in Perth.

Fiction Factory ~ (Feels Like) Heaven

All together now "FEELS LIKE HEAVEN!"

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